SmokeBloq - WiFi Meat Thermometer

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Download the WiFi meat thermometer app for your iPhone or Android phone.




Connects to your home WiFi network and transmits temperature data to the free SmokeBloq WiFi meat thermometer app via the cloud.

Includes 2 commercial grade, thermocouple probes: one to monitor grill/smoker temp, and one to monitor meat temp. SmokeBloq can accommodate two additional probes. (sold separately)

Sleek-yet-rugged construction designed to withstand the elements. Unlike some competitors, SmokeBloq meat thermometer can be used in rain, direct sun – even snow!

WiFi meat thermometer runs approximately 150 to 200 hours on four AA batteries. (not included)

Please note: SmokeBloq uses your WiFi network to transmit data to your phone app. Using SmokeBloq WiFi meat thermometer for an outdoor grill, BBQ or smoker requires you to have adequate WiFi signal strength in that location.