Best wireless meat thermometer for BBQ, grilling and smoking

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SmokeBloq: The Ultimate Wireless Meat Thermometer

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This isn't Bluetooth. This is the Cloud.

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SmokeBloq is more than just a pretty face.

SmokeBloq isn’t a gadget. It’s the sleek-but-rugged cooking tool for all your smoking and grilling needs. SmokeBloq wireless meat thermometer was designed by outdoor cooking enthusiasts, for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. It’s the meat, grill and BBQ thermometer we always wanted, but could never find – so we decided to build it ourselves.

[SmokeBloq] comes with high-end features and a smaller price tag than many others in the Wi-Fi-based category… For less money than you would spend on some competing products you are able to jump into the realm of cloud connected, Wi-Fi utilized temperature measuring and recording.


The SmokeBloq Wireless Meat Thermometer is perfect for both weekend grillers and hardcore bbq pitmasters. It is also great to use in a kitchen oven when you don't want to constantly monitor a large piece of meat such as a turkey… having a meat thermometer with limitless range is an absolute game-changer.


[SmokeBloq] looks and feels well-made and durable... the brightness and readability of the LCD display on this unit is exceptional… The data display and graphs show all the relevant information … If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to Wi-Fi temp monitoring, then I think this is your best bet.

- John Setzler, Man Cave Meals blog